files is a simple file management platform i needed to distribute files to the public


  • simple clean interface
  • fast way to share files
  • organize files into folders
  • md-files are rendered to proper HTML
  • client script for easily adding temporary files
  • pastebin mode


  1. [Sender] Upload a file using either a web based client the commandline client
  2. [Server] Store File on Fileserver and report back the unique url
  3. [Sender] Share the url
  4. [Receiver] Dowload file

puppy (commandline client) is a python script for fast adding files to your files-server usage: pup <filename>

  • uploads files to a system-folder called ‘temp’
  • assigns the file a random 8-char hash
  • returns the full url on commandline


pup screenshot.png
Successfully uploaded screenshot.png to

pastebin mode

for simple and fast text and sourcecode exchange you can use pin

  • uses vims :TOhtml to highlight source code in your favourite colors
  • uploads files using pup


pin snippet.text
Successfully uploaded snippet.text.html to

planned features

  • automatically delete temporary files after a certain time
  • security (E2E Encryption)


Unfortunately, as of now there is no security at all. But with the current architecture it can easily be added anytime, asuming key exchange has already happened elsewhere.