A Weatherapp for the SHA2017 Badge

In preparation for the camp, i did some app development for the badge. The result was a simple weather app, that shows the weather for the next 24 hours in 6 hour steps.

At the time of writing the app, the platform was still a work in progress and mainly undocumented. But the Badge Team was very helpful in their IRC channel. The most tricky party were the condition icons, for which I created a custom font to get them displayed. Apparently this app was the first one created by someone outside the badge team. I actually did this app as a warm-up task for more sophisticated apps, which I never got to finish. :/

Winkekatze goes SHA2017

aurel brought his Winkekatze, which is already known from previous camps and other CCC related events. mik created a Winkekatze-App for the Badge, where people can broadcast winks to all listening devices via MQTT. During the event we hacked and improved the app with numerous features.